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My life... UPDATE..AUGUST 2017- 

Below is my life story after my car accident! Since then I have FANTASTIC NEWS! I followed the amazing treatments from my nuerologists, Dr. Majhif Fothui at Nuerogrow.com! He saved my life! I absolutely love him. He helped me learn all about what was going on with me during my head injury, when no one else could. He is an award winning, Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins GRAD! He has 3 award winning books & he is helps thousands from all over suffering with many brain illnesses & injuries! He is so amazing that he is has even been featured on Dr.OZ! I will forever be grateful to him & his wonderful loving staff! During my 90 day treatments, they made me feel like family!

  My marriage has since gotten so much better, of course as you know a brain injury will cause severe issues in a marriage for a time! Life is exciting again, my business is FLOURISHING! I am a multi million dollar team as of 2017-2018! I daily do personal development & I am sure to exercise 3-5 times per week as well! I am so happy now, despite picking up the pieces. No more insomnia, severe depression, anxiety, mood swings, confusion, head swelling, very little ringing in my ears! I do still have light sensitivity & vision problems I did not have before the head injury! I also still suffer with PTSD from the memories & pain attached with everything! Other then that I am moving forward with my life, debt free, feeling accomplished & like a beautiful person!!! Thank you so much for all the love & support!

-DEC 2016 -HI! I am a 27 yr old woman married to a beautiful man named Matthew. Here is a little about me.

i am so grateful for this amazing journey!  i have been recovering from a Trumatic Brain Injury which has resulted in.. SOME EXTREME life changes... Since my accident I life has been a living hell, dealing with anxiety & panic disorder, depression, PTSD, and a form of OCD! As you can imagine at times life does not seem bearable to continue., and I have in fact battled even the worst of thoughts to end my pain. I have gone mostly raw vegan after much research about on to heal myself. i researched day & night literally. Please if you are suffering I advise you to take a look at GLOBALHEALINGCENTER.COM, as well as A NEUROLOGISTS that specializes in TBI or post concussion syndrome. I found Dr. Majhid Fothui. He has 3 award winning booksm has been featured on DR.OZ! He graduated from Harvard Medical, MIT, JOhns Hopkins, and has been feat. in TIMES magazine and all news stations. Literally he has been so loving and amazing in helping my life get better slowly. i HOPE THAT I can inspire others going through the same thing! in a world so scared to talk about mental illness, it can be hard to get help. I am not ashamed anymore to tell others who I am. You can allow any illness you may be suffering with to turn into something. If not for anything else but to Inspire and help heal others! 



i AM so very passionate about makeup. When i was at my worst and didn't have a diagnoses yet, i would do my makeup or go to ulta or Sephora just to calm me. At times I Would feel like I was literally choking because of my anxiety, my attacks would make me feel like I was dying! MAKEUP became an outlet for me. For me it is a form of art.

One day I saw an AMAZING VIDEO! The one on my homepage! I found out how amazing the company was! The products that couldn't compare! I found the amazing business, and how successful women across the world were. I saw how I could allow my outlet to also be a help for supporting my household with my husband! This to me was IT! My husband say it and said Lisha, this is so perfect for you, sign up tomorrow!! Hahahaah! So I did!

We moved into my parents basement, our cute little basement apartment. This way i could focus on getting healthy instead of working. This business allows me to do  both! The best part i make my schedule, I get to do my favorite form of arts, AND I get to make some money at the same time. i HOPE TO through my blog posts of my journey on HIGH RAW VEGAN, & Interior design and more will inspire you throughout all your days!