A house is your piece of art that you live in! It can be simple, affordable & most importantly just make you feel so darn good! In the main rooms, try bright, clean colors. Stripes are one of my favorite additions to a space! If you live in an apartment, and you cant't paint your walls, a place like this is perfection! OMG, green plants just add so much life to your space. 

THE BENEFITS OF WHITE! Look at so much beautiful natural light. Sometimes we add dark dingy colors to our living spaces, which when correctly can be beautiful. Like a romantic movie every time i you walk inside. The all white, with accent colors is a wonderful place for first time home renters or buyers! You will absolutely love it!

Me and my husband love Ikea shelves! They are like $7 dollars and save you floor space, plus you use them & repurpose them for anything! Liquor storage, books, pictures, movies, plants, flowers! The best part is no bulky old furniture taking up space you simply dont have! 

Home Goods, Ikea, Target are my top favs for getting a few cute things, that just add so much joy to a room.


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