Weightloss journey week 1 with weight watchers reimagineD (WW) & WBg SQUAD workouts

I HOPE THIS ENCOURAGES someone.. I’m excited to weigh in!!! WEEK 2 starts tomorrow. But IN 4 days I lost 3 pounds!! 😝 I started this journey with weight watchers on Monday... after being SICK of not feeling in control of my weight & seeing where it was headed... I had been trying different programs for more then a year that worked and helped me lose 25 pounds, but I gained it all back and an extra 5 pounds more because they were NOT LIFESTYLES. They were unsustainable diets...

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How to Be confident with curves & weight challenges


I have to say growing up sadly ‘SKINNY’ was what was always viewed as beautiful, “ideal” “most desired”! I was not “overweight growing up, however I was always a little thicker then my peers. In middle school I had curves as a women would. I saw all around me in model ads at the store, TV ads etc what people said was beautiful & so I too without even realizing it also had the same belief about myself!. Naturally as women sometimes we truly think way to low of ourselves and what we have, we hide and we look at ourselves and notice all the bad instead of the good! SOOOO GURL HERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT HELPED ME…

LeARnInG hOW tO lOvE You!



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