MY first blog post ladies & gents! 

GOOD MORNING FOOD FOR THOUGHT #vegan🌱 have you had your raw fruits & veggies? In a world so consumed with disease....which then turns into needing some form of a drug or drugs....which then causes more disease & a lot of times death... Really food was intended to be what we needed to live & be healthy to get our nutrients & have a healthy mind. Since when did it become not normal to eat our food made for us?? Since when did man made fake food...junk food.. & drugs become the normal diet of our society & children...
Disease at all time high...
I have witnessed a cure for millions across the world through educating myself & the applying.
Me personally I've been able to use food for my medicine so I wouldn't have to continue taking a drug that was causing me much harm!!! Do not allow a lack of education & understanding... to control you & your body.

The greedy man prospers from the sick & malnourished. "Let thy food be thy medicine"-hypocrites

The pharmaceutical company is multi billion dollar industry that does not prosper from the healthy & mentally well.
Do not be fooled that they have your interest in heart & in mind.