How to Be confident with curves & weight challenges

DRESS IN PHOTO-  Jacklyn Off Shoulder Mini Dress - Oatmeal  - $27.99 (SALE PRICE NOT INCLUDED)

DRESS IN PHOTO- Jacklyn Off Shoulder Mini Dress - Oatmeal - $27.99 (SALE PRICE NOT INCLUDED)


I have to say growing up sadly ‘SKINNY’ was what was always viewed as beautiful, “ideal” “most desired”! I was not “overweight growing up, however I was always a little thicker then my peers. In middle school I had curves as a women would. I saw all around me in model ads at the store, TV ads etc what people said was beautiful & so I too without even realizing it also had the same belief about myself!. Naturally as women sometimes we truly think way to low of ourselves and what we have, we hide and we look at ourselves and notice all the bad instead of the good! SOOOO GURL HERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT HELPED ME…

LeARnInG hOW tO lOvE You!


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Tie Die Shirt in Photo- Dark Night Tie Dye Top - Black/Combo - $17.99 (SALE PRICE NOT INCLUDED)

Find clothes that are going to look amazing on YOUR body type! Not only that but clothes that make you feel good! They will make all the difference! Some days certain outfits are just not my friend, GURL CHANGE YOUR OUTFIT UNTIL YOU FEEL CONFIDENT LOOKING IN THE MIRROW! mY AbSolute Fav places to shop are FASHION NOVA . I shop there probably weekly. Hahah just kidding! But seriously their clothes are meant to fit women that have hips, smaller waist, bigger boobies, or slim girls, very thick & curvy beauties & more! I LOVE THEIR BODY DIVERSITY! So I highly recommend! Oh not to mention they always have amazing coupon codes! FOREVER21 is another one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! If you do go shopping be sure to save SOME coins using EBATES FOR ONLINE SHOPPING! I use them everytime I shop & I get tons of money back too woot woot!


Self talk is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I EVER LEARNED! Ask yourself if the things you say to yourself are things you would say to your daughter, your niece, your students, the little girl you babysit, YOURSELF as a child even! YOU KNOW , “I am so fat” I”I hate my rolls” “Ugh why can she eat whatever she wants & still be skinny”. Trust me its not just you, I struggle with it too, esp DURING THAT polka dot time lol, oh JoY! DAILY GIRL you need to say “I AM BEAUTIFUL” “i am ENOUGH” “I take care of my body & make choices that will make me feel BEAUTIFUL not just on the inside but on the outside too!”

I LOVE writing down affirmations daily as well. Something about writing it usually makes it happen! Esp if I write it daily. When my attitude or life is not going the way I want it to go, it’s because I slack on this VERY IMPORTANT step! TRY IT & LET me know below if it helps! HAVE FUN WRITING YOUR AFFIRMATIONS WITH CUTE STICKERS & A PLANNER- My fav Planners are by ME & MY HAPPY PLANNER

FiNd sOmEonE THat eNcoUraGes YoU

Finding someone that truly encourages you to take care of your inner & outer health is so essential. In 2019 you don’t have to go far! There are many online girls now that offer daily tips, motivation etc.  Gabriela Bandy Over the last couple of years has helped me so much!!! Simply by sharing her story, progress, her mistakes, her struggles and then showing others how curvy is beautiful and how to maintain that in a healthy & fun way. I’ve gotten to know her a little more since I started doing her program @wbgsquad and ladies !! No this isn’t sponsored and I don’t work for her at all, I’m just super grateful to her and all she does, and I wanted to share it with you too.. I know how much someone sharing their story helped me!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Thank you Gabi!!!Xoxo!

dO nOt CoMParE


IT IS SO EASY to compare yourself to others! Do not do it! You can use their stories or fitness routine or style for inspiration though! As an online figure I find it easy to fall into this trap. When that happens I have to again use the affirmations above! I have to even at times take a break from social media! COMPARING yourself is TOXIC! So instead be the best you. Even at times comparing yourself to the OLd YOU CAN BE dangerous. We go through things in life that change us. I found that it was the most toxic of them all, comparing myself to who I use to be, instead of who I was now & who I am becoming. THE POINT BEING- LOVE YOURSELF! Take time to adjust & love you! REFOCUS that energy on how to do better each new day!