WEEK 3 - Weight watchers (ww) FREESTYLE UPDATE 5 pounds down & 8.25 inches Gone & Worksouts by gabriela



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HAPPY WEIGH IN FRIYAYY lost another 1.8 pounds 🍾 🎊 4.8 pounds down in 3 weeks - 8.25 inches down in the last 10 days & .13% body fat down!! AHHH!! I MEAN who is excited for WEIGH IN DAY NOW?! THIS GIRLLL YASSS YASSS YASSSS! 

Week 1 - 3 pounds down 

Week 2 - Zero down (so I measured inches to keep track of as well)

Week 3- 1.8 pounds down 

I even had a couple high point days ( I do workout 3-4 times a week)

IF you are like me you may not have tried Weight watchers because you’ve heard, so many different things such as, “oh yea they lost a lot but gained it all back later” , “it’s a scam, counting points doesn’t work.”

IS THAT YOU?! Girl I feel you that was me! 3 weeks ago I WAS SICK of this year & half of yo-yo dieting… WATER FASTING up to 2 weeks.. took a month and half to recover from that to be honest. Then I tried Noom & then I tried Isagenix protein shakes…


YES I LOST 25 pounds and gained it back.. BECAUSE it wasn’t a lifestyle that’s is maintainable.

WATER FASTING- not the best to do regularly, good to do for health & healing, especially if you suffer with Food sensitivities like me.

NOOM- This program helped me learn mindset matters a lot with eating, it also helped me see I had a eating disorder. I starved myself a lot which causes weight gain. I knew this but I couldn’t seem to get control of my weight so I chose to just not eat a lot, but then I would eat a ton at some point in the week to make up for it. However I didn’t view it as sustainable because I literally had to count all my Calories & there was no guidance presay of exactly what to eat. It does work but again not sustainable.

ISAGENIX- A friend of mine has had AMAZING RESULTS with this program. While I do believe it will bring results if you follow it, for me eating protein shakes 2 times a day that are super sweet, only about 5 flavors & one small meal or snacks they provide, is just NOT LONGTERM maintainable. Not to mention GIRL IF YOU are lactose sensitive (I am not typically at all) like me UHHHH that whey protein will not be your friend AT ALL!!!

My stomach was in pain, I always had gas & it was not friendly at all. Like I couldn’t even hold it. I would have to go to the bathroom. TMI maybe, but I’m just saying BEWARE! So needless to say I stuck to this for about 3 weeks. It’s also very expensive. I spent about $650 maybe more on products.

Weight Watchers- WHICH IS NOW WW FREESTYLE is maintainable, all you have to do is go to the store, scan items and get the ones with the least points. HAVE A FAV food or snack, cool find one with small points. Eat the other ones everyonce in a while as a treat. PLUS ALL fruits, most vegetables & meat & eggs & fat free yogurts etc are ZERO POINTS GIRL!

I EAT WHATEVER I WANT!!!! Plus I still get to enjoy my 🍻 BEER(s) once a week. I choose ones with lower points usually but sometimes I just go for the full thing. Or I’ll drink my Truly’s, they give me a nice buzz or a shot of liquor with a strawberry seltzer water & lime YUMMM

IF YOU join they will take your weight into consideration as well and you will be given different points based on that! SO if you have hundreds to lose you will start with a lot higher points, then slowly go down, all while losing lots of weight!

I usually stay right at my points & allow myself “splurge days” like Sunday for date night me and the hubby had a few beers together, last night I miscalculated a tarte aux champagne mushroom pizza, that tiny thing was delish but dang!!  21 points from Trader Joe’s and accidentally used almost all my weekly points left which started over today 😂 . He is doing it too and lost 7 pounds in his 1st week

I LOVE THIS LIFESTYLE with WW FREESTYLE it is realistic but works! 


Waist 32in - down 1.5 inches in 10 days 

High hip 40.5 inches down .5 

Hip - 46 - down 1 inch

Chest - 36 - same

Neck - 14 - same 

Arms- 13 - down .5

Forearm -10 - same 

Wrist - 6 1/4 or 6.25 - down .25 or 1/4

Thigh top largest part - 26 - down 1.5

Thigh Smallest Part - 18.5 - down 2

Calve - 15.75 - .25 less

Lower leg sheen - 11 - the same 

Ankle - 8.75 - down .25

Foot - 9.5 - same 

Top of knee - 17 .5 down


CURRENT - 27.37%

( This is within healthy range not obese or overweight, so I HAVE A LOT OF MUSCLE LOL- My goal is 21-24% which is FITNESS level)



GOAL WEIGHT - 145 (ultimate 135)

LETS do this together!!!




Next week I’ll do a blog all my workouts I do! Go check out her INSTAGRAM in the meantime